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Don’t be bothered with laundry & dry cleaning anymore. Set up pick up and delivery with our Happy Nest Delivery Service!

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In today’s busy world, we don’t always have time to do our own laundry. Let us do it for you!

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Conveniently located in Baltimore, SoapnSudz strives to give our customers a safe, clean environment to do your laundry while providing plenty of large, reliable machines. Our friendly staff are highly trained and are willing to help and answer any questions you may have. With our coin operated machines, you’ll be sure to get your clothes washed and dried in no time. Take advantage of our ATMs, Bill Breaking, and coin machines are both of our locations.

Our focus is to make laundry day easier for you. Whether you choose to use our drop off wash & fold service or make use of our HappyNest pick up and delivery service , your clothes will come back to you clean, fresh, and folded nicely, saving you from the chore of laundry day.

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With plenty of machines to choose from, you’re sure to find a machine that will fit your laundry needs. Our laundromat is coin operated so be sure to utilize our ATMs at both locations or our Bill Breaking as well. Prices may vary depending on size of washer/dryer and cycles.

  • Reliable, Large Machines
  • Free Wifi
  • Helpful Staff

Wash and Fold

With our wash and fold service, you never have to bother yourself with laundry again. Let us do it for you! The process is simple: just drop off your laundry at one of our convenient locations. Your laundry will be washed with premium detergents and fabric softeners, leaving them smelling fresh and new. Your clothes will be waiting for you, neatly folded with every sock matched.

Pick Up & Delivery

Completely eliminate laundry day altogether. With our partners at HappyNest, we can now pick up your laundry and deliver it straight to your door! Give us a call at 855-335-9274 or click below to get started. Our team will arrange when and where we can pick up your laundry. Prices may vary based on weight and location. Laundry has never been easier!

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If you visit our Hanover Street location in Baltimore, you’ll find a self serve laundromat that is clean and modern. With plenty of machines in different sizes, you’re sure to find a machine that fits your laundry needs. This location is coin operated so be sure to utilize our ATM on site and our Bill Breaking service if you need it. With free wifi and plenty of space to relax, we strive to make your laundry day a breeze.

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Conveniently located in Baltimore, our W Pratt Street location is a self service, coin operated laundromat that offers updated, reliable front load washers and dryers to get your clothes washed and dried fast. Be sure to utilize our amenities such as free wifi, an ATM machine, and bill breaking to make your laundry day a little easier. Feel free to ask our helpful staff for any questions you may have.

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